Starting with a shared vision and seed funding from American and Australian investors, Goshen is moving from a social start-up to an established organization. It is recognized among different sectors for its work to transform early childhood health, development and wellbeing in Israel, in a systemic and holistic way.

  • Goshen’s impressive list of achievements include:
  • Developed a highly regarded year-long continuing professional development course in developmental and behavioral pediatrics for practicing pediatricians all over Israel. 
  • Gave lucrative Goshen Fellowships to three Israeli pediatricians to engage in intensive training at Melbourne’s Centre for Community Child Health and return to key positions in Israel. 
  • Participated in numerous regional and national conferences on early childhood and conducted seminars across Israel for a broad spectrum of health professionals. 
  • Established strong links with government and with key influential stakeholders including Rashi Foundation, the Bernard van Leer Foundation, the Joint Distribution Committee’s Ashalim program, Taub Center for Social Policy, the Brookdale Institute, the Israeli Pediatric Association, the Israel Ambulatory Pediatric Association, the Jewish Agency for Israel and all four health funds. 
  • Built a partnership with the Health Ministry and two large foundations to develop an evidence-based framework to strengthen the capacity of Tipat Halav – Parent and Child Health Clinics to support parents. 
  • Established a parenting website, in Hebrew and Arabic, with content drawn and adapted from the Australian Raising Children Network, and created social media platforms for accessible information and dialogue with parents.
  • Developed a research-based web resource for health professionals.
  • Begun the task of incorporating child development and community pediatrics into the training curriculum of pediatric residents – a first in Israel.
  • Advocated with the Health Ministry and other government departments to develop innovative and coordinated service models in early childhood healthcare, development and wellbeing.
  • Working with Israel’s HMOs to finds ways to allocate more consultation time for pediatricians and general practitioners to properly assess and manage developmental-behavioral issues.
  • Working with NGOs to create an integrated community approach for children and families, incorporating health professionals as key players. 
  • Completed a five-year forward-looking strategic plan following an extensive consultation process.