Professional Tools

Goshen promotes an expanded perception of the roles of child and pediatric professionals in the community. Instead of one professional treating disease and health issues based on demand and referral only, we offer a perception that views them as a central axis in the community in which they work. In this role, professionals are responsible for managing and dealing with various challenges that parents deal with, in the fields of development, behavior and health, as well as providing research-based information regarding a variety of topics in an accessible manner.

Goshen has developed My Tool Box, instruction kits for professionals in the community.

Professionals who would like to initiate guidance and instruction sessions for education, treatment and therapy staffs and more, can find instruction kits on various topics in the tool box: internet and screens, potty training, duty to report suspicions of abuse and neglect, sex and sexuality, babies and children’s sleep, and more.

Each kit was written and edited by a leading and relevant expert and contains a detailed literature review, a designed presentation for a lecture and text that accompanies the presentation.

The files are available for free download. Also, professionals who would like to, can purchase gift packages to hand out at the end of the session having to do with the said topic, for example: success table for potty training, a ‘good night’ card, an educational memory game, a collection of ‘red flags’ that require a referral to a doctor and more.

The project’s goal is to encourage doctors and professionals who are active in the community with children and their families, to initiate direct and unmediated contact with members of the community with professionals in their vicinity, and this way create an integrative and comprehensive system that puts the spotlight on the health and welfare of the children in the community.