Policy and Public Forums

Goshen works tirelessly with policy makers, government ministries, public forums, foundations and coalitions to bring about policy change that will radically improve children’s lives.

Goshen board members are active in the Israel Ambulatory Pediatric Association and the Israeli Society of Pediatrics. Goshen has participated in a number of high-level meetings with the Ministry of Health, including with the director general, to advise and help advance its “First 1000 Days” initiative. Goshen works with the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv municipalities to advance the professional training of Tipat Halav Parent and Child Health Center nurses, and has been approached by a number of municipalities serving low-income populations to implement similar training programs.

Goshen is a partner in the Coalition for Early Childhood Education, JDC-Ashalim’s Early Childhood Forum, , the Coalition for Children’s Wellbeing in the Negev, the Coalition for Bedouin Communities in the Negev and the Rashi Foundation’s Community in the Center project.

At the same time, Goshen is working with Israel’s four major health medical organizations to change the way pediatricians and general practitioners care for children’s illnesses to having enough time to diagnose and care for their behavioral and developmental needs as well.

Goshen professionals and board members travel throughout the country to speak about early childhood policy and gain wide-ranging support across sectors to create an integrated community approach for children and their families and bring about policy change that can transform early childhood care.