An Online Gateway to Positive Parenting

The Goshen organization founded the “How You’ve Grown!” information portal – one of the largest and most comprehensive information websites for parents in Israel. The entire website is available in both Hebrew and Arabic, is user friendly, and includes an ever-growing database of information that was written by specialists in the field of pediatrics – articles, videos, visual instruction pages, useful tool boxes, and more – all meant to help parents learn about their children’s social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and developmental needs. A variety of information touching on various topics can be found on the website, divided by age groups: babies, toddlers, preschool ages, school ages, teenagers, parents, grandparents, as well as articles regarding identifying and treating children with special needs. Goshen’s staff constantly validates the portal and regularly uploads new information in various formats so that parents in Israel will receive the most reliable and comprehensive information. The portal is in Hebrew and Arabic, with COVID-19 related content and videos in English, French, Amharic and Russian.

Every year more than 600,000 people visit the website, viewing approximately 1,000,000 content pages.