Coronavirus Webinars for Pediatricians and Family Doctors

Over 50 physicians “Zoomed In” from around the country for the first webinar on helping parents deal with their children’s stress. The Webinar was led by Goshen’s Dr. Hava Gadassi and Dr. Dafna Idan-Prusak, with a lecture by Dr. Tirzah Yules from Haifa University’s Center for Child Development. A Q&A session gave the professionals time to ask questions, have real-time video chats and engage in peer-to-peer outreach and support.

At the end of the session, 20 participants filled out a quick on-line questionnaire with two questions: Did this Webinar provide relevant professional knowledge? Would you be interested in attending additional Webinars? 100% of the respondents answered yes to both questions!

The second Webinar focused on coping with children and families with special needs, including ADHD and autism.  Led by Dr. Sarit Rotem, an educational psychologist and parenting expert based on brain research, and Goshen’s medical team, over 20 professionals participated.

A user-friendly summary, with practical tips and resource links, is sent to the participants following each Webinar. The Webinars are given twice, in the morning and evening, to accommodate the schedules of the healthcare professionals. Goshen continues to provide Webinars in this series.