Parenting through Coronavirus in Six Languages

Goshen’s resilient team took immediate action to provide parents with ongoing information on how to deal with the stress, anxiety and “social distancing” on its extensive parent website “How You’ve Grown” ( The articles are posted in six languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, Amharic and Russian, to ensure access to all populations, especially vulnerable new immigrants.

The response to the continually updated content, from creating a routine, to explaining the situation to children to FAQ’s from parents, has been overwhelming. Social and educational organizations, local municipalities and the Jewish Agency for Israel linked to the site. The Centre for Parent and Child Support, a Goshen partner in England, praised Goshen for its quick and extensive response. The number of viewers has grown to over 23,000 over the past few weeks, with 1,500 Arabic-language viewers and almost 400 visits on the Amharic-language page.

Goshen’s team produced 15 short, compelling video clips with parent tips that will reach out to parents across its social media channels.

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