Why Goshen?

To ensure a strong and prosperous future for all Israelis, we need to invest in the health, development and wellbeing of children.

The science about the importance of the early years of a child’s life is clear and uncontested. The years before a child begins school are critical in establishing sound foundations for development and the path for future health and wellbeing. Skills and competence are built in those early years and can establish a sound trajectory for the whole of the life course. Young children who grow up in disadvantaged and stressful environments however are at risk for life long problems; conditions as diverse as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, mental health problems, welfare dependency, and criminality often have their roots in pathways that begin in the early years of life.

Economists assert that investing in early childhood development is the best economic investment any country can make. It is the best way to address intergenerational poverty and increase the future prosperity of nations.

In Israel, early childhood development services are fragmented across the health, education and welfare sectors. Opportunities for timely interventions for infants and young children, especially those from vulnerable populations, are often missed.  Pediatricians generally deal with medical issues; maternal and child nurses lack the time and tools to address the many issues which arise in the early years. Parents are often lost in the maze of trying to navigate the service system and access appropriate care for their children that result in healthy outcomes.

 Goshen was founded to fill these gaps.