Professional Training Courses

The professional training of pediatricians in Israel and other countries takes place mainly at hospitals. This training does not provide enough exposure to the common problems affecting children in the community. As a result, pediatricians working in community clinics can lack critical tools and skills they need for their daily work. Goshen’s professional training course provides knowledge and practical tools to community pediatricians in the fields of developmental and behavioral medicine, psycho-social issues that affect children’s behavior, and acquaints participants with community services and the education-health-welfare interfaces that are relevant to their work.

The Goshen Course, held every year, was developed and is delivered by a team of community pediatric specialists and early childhood professionals, and contains the following sessions:

1. Feeding problems in infancy
2. Sleep disorders in the first year of life
3. Language development up until the age of three 
4. The function of communication therapists
5. Physical therapy
6. Common children’s behavioral disorders 
7. Breastfeeding 
8. Foster families
9. Children’s rights according to the law
10. Special education
11. Children’s mental health – the role of the primary pediatrician
12. Depression in children
13. Suicide in childhood and early adolescence 
14. Anxiety disorders in children
15. Measures to ensure child safety

Target audience: Pediatricians and family physicians
Duration: Two years

B. Motivational Interviewing Workshop

Motivational Interviewing is an evidence-based approach for motivation and behavioral change. During this workshop, health professionals acquire practical tools for dialogue with patients/parents in order to promote changes such as healthier lifestyles, physical activity, healthy life style, increasing compliance with medications and medical recommendations while avoiding confrontation and promoting cooperation.

Target audience: Pediatricians and family physicians, nurses, dieticians, and health professionals.
Duration: 3 sessions, 4.5 hours each session