Community Pediatrics – Changing the Field

The professional training of pediatricians in Israel, as well as in most other countries, takes place primarily in hospitals. This training doesn’t provide enough exposure to the problems that commonly affect the health and wellbeing of children in the community. As a result, pediatricians working in community clinics may lack vital tools that they need in their every-day work. Goshen’s training enriches the community pediatricians’ medical knowledge and provides practical tools in the medical fields of child development and behavior, while referring to psycho-social aspects that affect children’s health and behavior, along with exposure and getting to know the community services and education, healthcare and welfare infrastructures relevant to their work.


A series of free online professional lectures that deal with different aspects of child healthcare and welfare in the community. These webinars expand pediatricians’ professional knowledge and provide innovative tools for optimal treatment in community clinics. The lecturers are professionals in the field of child pediatrics and community organizations working to improve child wellbeing, moderated by Goshen’s medical directors,  Dr. Hava Gadassi and Dr. Dafna Idan-Prusak.

Target audience – pediatricians, family doctors, Tipat Halav doctors, pediatric residents.

Groundbreaking Community Pediatrics Course

This annual year-long course was developed by Goshen and a team of specialists in the field of pediatrics and childhood development. It is taught by professionals in the fields of medicine, health and welfare in Israel. The course focuses on behavioral, developmental and psycho-social issues for a wide range of ages.

Target audience – pediatricians, family doctors, Tipat Halav doctors, pediatric residents.

Support, Consultation and Peer Discussion Group

Support groups are a popular format in the medical world. Their goal is to provide doctors with a place to freely discuss their work in the clinic, free of judgement. Guided by Mrs. Rachel Ettun-Fox, a family therapist and a support and development groups moderator for medical professionals and therapists, together with Dr. Hava Gadassi, a pediatrician and medical director at Goshen, the organization opened a group discussing doctor-patient relations, dealing with complicated families, failure of treatment, uncertainty when making a choice while practicing self-compassion and modesty.

Target audience – pediatricians, family doctors, Tipat Halav doctors, pediatric residents.

Pediatric Workshops for Residents Preparing for the Stage A and B Exams

Workshops that were developed in accordance with the material on the exams. Run by medical professionals, including examiners and those writing the questions for the written and practical exams. The workshops are run on Zoom and include lectures regarding community child healthcare, ongoing cases, Q&A, and more.

Lectures for HMOs and Professional Organizations

Goshen professional staff developed a large number of lectures regarding different topics, including: enuresis, encopresis, shaken baby syndrome, sleep, and more. The lectures take place according to the requested topic and according to integrative and active learning models, so that the study experience is deepened and the material is memorable and applicable.