Parent and Child Health Center Initiative

Goshen is working with the Bernard van Leer Foundation and Yad Hanadiv Foundation, alongside the Ministry of Health as part of its new “First 1000 Days” strategy, to develop a training model to empower Tipat Halav Parent and Child Health Center (PCHC) nurses to support parents. The goal is to encourage positive parenting practices that contribute to the healthy development of their children in the first years of life.

The early years of a child’s life are critical for shaping health and wellbeing, learning and behaviors throughout life. In Israel, Tipat Halav, run by the Ministry of Health, Israel’s four HMOs and local municipalities, are the first healthcare station for pregnant mothers, infants, young children (up to age 6) and their parents.

However, Tipat Halav nurses face challenges which include work overload, limitations on scope of service and professional development. Opportunities need to be addressed for strengthening existing services to work with parents to empower them to address their children’s wellbeing and development, especially in light of new research and developments in these fields. This is especially true for nurses working in under resourced communities in which low-income families are struggling, parent literacy about their children’s health and development is low, and children’s futures are already compromised by disadvantage and often stressful environments.

As such, Goshen was chosen, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, to develop and implement the Parent Support through Tipat Halav Parent and Child Health Centers project. In the program’s first stage, a new training model will be designed to provide nurses with a professional support system that will enable them to implement innovative tools for working with parents and to create significant change in the community. This project will help ensure that all families receive the support they need at Tipat Halav to give their children a healthy start to life.