A Peer-Based Learning Community

The professional, learning and initiating community of pediatricians and family doctors working in the community is based on doctors who have completed Goshen courses and various activities. The professional community aims to help pediatricians integrate the knowledge, practices and skills they acquired in the various training programs into their daily work in the community. As a professional network, the community provides support in the following areas:

  • Forming a prestigious professional and occupational identity
  • Professional, high quality and ongoing development of the community members through an innovative platform for in-depth study of community issues, and receiving professional answers to questions that come up during the study process.
  • Peer consultation, development of ideas and ways to deal with various challenges.
  • Receiving comprehensive support in leading community projects. For example, training for professionals regarding developmental and behavioral issues in the local authorities, lectures for parents, participating in inter-professional forums and more.
  • Initiating changes within the system regarding the way child health care is provided in the community.

The professional learning community enables its members to stay in touch and receive professional updates and information through Goshen’s professional portal.

Over 1,700 doctors are members of the professional community.