Alumni Network

Goshen is working to establish an Alumni Network that aims to support graduates of the professional training course to return to their communities and incorporate their newfound knowledge and skills. It will create a growing network of community pediatric specialists who can consult with one another, cooperate on innovative projects, share best practices and advocate for holistic change in early childhood healthcare, especially in low-income communities. 

Goshen’s Alumni Coordinator will accompany the graduates as they return to their communities and help them to develop new programs with supporting materials from Goshen’s professional tool kits and videos. Projects can range from community outreach to parents that includes workshops and training on social-behavioral issues, bringing early childhood educators and Tipat Halav Parent and Child Health Center nurses together to deep-dive into developmental and behavioral issues and seminars for healthcare professionals and caregivers on detecting early warning signs of behavioral/developmental/social challenges.

The Alumni Coordinator will also be in touch with the alumni to update on new professional information on the Goshen website, additional professional tool kits and videos, early childhood policy updates and relevant conferences and professional forums.